I want to cry…but I’m struggling to!

Someday someone will love you for exactly who you are.

I have hope that things will be great when I least expect it! Live, Laugh, and Hope!

I don’t know what to do. I am not sure if I should do anything about the situation. I want to but I am scared! :(
Help! What should I do!!

Now I can see why things never worked…I have to low of self-esteem!

From lonely to loving myself…

There are many days that I get lonely, but one day I know it will all go away. Until than I need to be happy with my life and live each day like it’s the last. It’s time for me to enjoy the moments and look for my own adventure! :)

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Rejection…I’m use to it.
One day there will be someone that won’t reject me because they will want to spend every moment they can with me.
First I have to love myself and one day someone will love me.

I should not be worrying about the future…if I will be staying in San Diego. I need to just be worrying about myself about the present. It is time that I love myself and do what is best for myself. I want to stay in San Diego just to be here for myself. It’s all the matter of what God has planned for me!